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Peer Reviewed Journal Publications (Students underlined)

Year 2023

  1. Davis, B.C.; Calarco, J.; Liguori, K.; Milligan, E.G.; Brown, C.L.; Gupta, S.; Harwood, V.J.;
    Pruden, A.; Keenum, I.M. Recommendations for the use of Metagenomics for Routine
    Monitoring of Antibiotic Resistance in Wastewater and Impacted Aquatic Environments.
    Current Opinion in Environmental Science and Technology .
  2. Milligan, E.G.; Calarco, J.; Davis, B.C.; Keenum, I.M.; Liguori, K.; Pruden, A.; Harwood, V.J.
    (2023). A systematic review of culture-based methods for monitoring antibiotic resistant
    Acinetobacter, Aeromonas, and Pseudomonas as environmentally-relevant pathogens in
    wastewater and surface water. Current Environmental Health Reports. (in press).

Year 2022

  1. Davis, B.C.; Keenum, I.M.; Calarco, J.; Liguori, K.; Milligan, E.; Pruden, A.; Harwood, V.J.
    (2022). Towards the standardization of Enterococcus culture methods for waterborne
    antibiotic resistance monitoring: A critical review of trends across studies. Water Research
    X. 17: 100161.
  2. Prieto Riquelme, M.V.; Garner, E.D.; Gupta, S.; Metch J.; Zhu, N.; Blair, M.F.; Arango-
    Argoty, G.; Maile-Moskowitz, A.; Li, A-D.; Flach, C-F.; Aga, D.S.; Nambi, I.M.; Larsson,
    D.G.J.; Bürgmann, H.; Zhang, T.; Pruden, A.; and Vikesland, P.J. (2022). Demonstrating a
    Comprehensive Wastewater-Based Surveillance Approach That Differentiates Globally
    Sourced Resistomes. Environ. Sci. Technol. (accepted)
  3. Das, B.; Islam, E.M.; Ahmed, M.; Sein, J.; Pruden, A.; Heath, L.S.; Zhang, L. (2022). HT-
    ARGfinder: A Comprehensive Pipeline for Identifying Horizontally Transferred Antibiotic
    Resistance Genes and Directionality in Metagenomic Sequencing Data. Frontiers in
    Environmental Science. 10, .
  4. Brown, C.L.; Mullet, J.; Hindi, F.; Stoll, J.E.; Gupta, S.; Choi, M.; Keenum, I.M.; Vikesland,
    P.J.; Pruden, A.P.; Zhang, L. (2022) mobileOG-db: a manually curated database of protein
    families mediating the life cycle of bacterial mobile genetic elements. Appl. Environ.
    Microbiol. (accepted)
  5. Martin, R.; Strom, O.; Song, Y.; Mena-Aguilar, D.; Rhoads, W.; Pruden, A.; Edwards, M.A.
    (2022). Copper Pipe, Lack of Corrosion Control, and Very Low pH May Have Influenced the
    Trajectory of the Flint Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak. Environ. Sci. Technol.: Water. 2(8):
  6. Liguori, K.; Keenum, I.M.; Davis, B.C.; Calarco, J.; Milligan, E.; Harwood, V.J.; and Pruden,
    A. (2022). Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring of Water Environments: A Framework for
    Standardized Methods and Quality Control. Environmental Science and Technology. 56, 13,
  7. Mapili, K.; Rhoads, W.J.; Coughter, M.; Pieper, K.J.; Edwards, M.A.; and Pruden, A. (2022).
    Occurrence of opportunistic pathogens in private wells after major flooding events: A four
    state molecular survey. Science of the Total Environment, 826, 11 pages.
  8. Kormos, D.; Lin, K.; Pruden, A.; and Marr, L.C. (2022). Critical review of antibiotic resistance
    genes in the atmosphere. Environmental Science: Process and Impacts, 24, 870-883.
  9. Keenum, I.; Wind, L.; Ray, P.; Guron, G.; Chen, C.; Knowlton, K.; Ponder, M.; and Pruden,
    A. (2022). Metagenomic tracking of antibiotic resistance genes through a pre-harvest
    vegetable production system: an integrated lab-, microcosm- and greenhouse-scale
    analysis. Environmental Microbiology, 17 pages. doi:10.1111/1462-2920.16022
  10. Cohen, A.; Maile-Moskowitz, A.; Grubb, C.; Gonzalez, R.A.; Ceci, A.; Darling, A.;
    Hungerford, L.; Fricker Jr., R.D.; Finkielstein, C.V.; Pruden, A.; and Vikesland, P.J. (2022).
    Subsewershed SARS-CoV-2 Wastewater Surveillance and COVID-19 Epidemiology Using
    Building-Specific Occupancy and Case Data. ACS ES& T Water.
  11. Proctor, C.; Garner, E.; Hamilton, K.A.; Ashbolt, N.J.; Caverly, L.J.; Falkinham, J.O.; Haas,
    C.N.; Prevost, M.; Prevots, D.R.; Pruden, A.; Raskin, L., Stout, J.; Haig, S. J. (2022). Tenets
    of a holistic approach to drinking water-associated pathogen research, management, and
    communication. Water Research, 211, 22 pages. doi:10.1016/j.watres.2021.117997
  12. Dai, D.; Brown, C.; Burgmann, H.; Larsson, D. G. J.; Nambi, I.; Zhang, T.; Flach, C-F.;
    Pruden, A.; Vikesland, P. J. (2022). Long-read metagenomic sequencing reveals shifts in
    associations of antibiotic resistance genes with mobile genetic elements from sewage to
    activated sludge. Microbiome, 10(1), 16 pages. doi:10.1186/s40168-021-01216-5
  13. Xie, J., Jin, L., Wu, D., Pruden, A., and Li, X. (2022). Inhalable Antibiotic Resistome from
    Wastewater Treatment Plants to Urban Areas: Bacterial Hosts, Dissemination Risks, and
    Source Contributions. Environmental Science and Technology, 56, 7040−7051.
  14. Wind, L.; Krometis, L.A.; Hession, W.; and Pruden, A. (2021). Cross-comparison of
    methods for quantifying antibiotic resistance in agricultural soils amended with dairy manure
    and compost. Science of the Total Environment.
  15. Keenum, I.; Liguori, K.; Calarco, J.; Davis, B.C.; Milligan, E.; Harwood, V.J.; and Pruden, A.
    (2022). A framework for standardized qPCR-targets and protocols for quantifying antibiotic
    resistance in surface water, recycled water and wastewater. Critical Reviews in
    Environmental Science and Technology, 25 pages. doi:10.1080/10643389.2021.2024739

Year 2021

  1. Song, Y., Pruden, A., Edwards, M. A., Rhoads, W. J. (2021). Natural Organic Matter, Orthophosphate, pH, and Growth Phase Can Limit Copper Antimicrobial Efficacy for Legionella in Drinking Water. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 55(3), 1759-1768. doi:10.1021/acs.est.0c06804
  2. Vaidya, R., Wilson, C. A., Salazar-Benites, G., Pruden, A., & Bott, C. (2021). Factors affecting removal of NDMA in an ozone-biofiltration process for water reuse. CHEMOSPHERE, 264, 10 pages. doi:10.1016/j.chemosphere.2020.128333
  3. Brown, C. L., Keenum, I. M., Dai, D., Zhang, L., Vikesland, P. J., & Pruden, A. (2021). Critical evaluation of short, long, and hybrid assembly for contextual analysis of antibiotic resistance genes in complex environmental metagenomes. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 11(1), 12 pages. doi:10.1038/s41598-021-83081-8
  4. Keenum, I., Medina, M. C., Garner, E., Pieper, K. J., Blair, M. F., Milligan, E., . . . Rhoads, W. J. (2021). Source-to-Tap Assessment of Microbiological Water Quality in Small Rural Drinking Water Systems in Puerto Rico Six Months After Hurricane Maria. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 55(6), 3775-3785. doi:10.1021/acs.est.0c08814
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Year 2020

  1. Brown, C.L.; Garner, E.D.; Jospin, G.; Coil, D.; Schwake, D.O.; Eisen, J.A.; Mukhopadhyay, B. (2020). Whole genome sequence analysis reveals the broad distribution of the RtxA type 1 secretion system and four novel putative type 1 secretion systems throughout the Legionella PloS One. 15(1): e0223033. pone.0223033
  2. Rhoads, W.J.*; Bradley, T.N.*; Mantha, A.*; Buttling, L.*; Keane, T.; Pruden, A.; Edwards, M.A. (2020). Residential water heater cleaning and occurrence of Legionella in Flint, MI. Water Research.​1016/​j.​watres.​2019.​115439.
  3. Mapili, K.*; Pieper, K.*; Dai, D.*; Pruden, A.; Edwards, M.; Tang, M.*; Rhoads, W.J.* (2020). Legionella pneumophila Occurrence in Drinking Water Supplied by Private Wells. Letters in Applied Microbiology. (in press)

Year 2019

  1. Dai, D.*; Rhoads, W. J.*; Katner, A.; Strom, L.; Edwards, M. A.; Pruden, A.; & Pieper, K.J.* (2019). Molecular survey of Legionella and Naegleria fowleri in private well water and premise plumbing following the 2016 Louisiana flood. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 5(8), 1464-1477. doi:10.1039/c9ew00109c
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Year 2018

  1. Arango-Argoty, G.*; Garner, E.*; Pruden, A.; Heath, L.S.; Vikesland, P.J.; Zhang, L. (2018). DeepARG: A deep learning approach for predicting antibiotic resistance genes from metagenomic data. Microbiome. 6(1):23 doi: 10.1186/s40168-018-0401-z.
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Year 2017

  1. Proctor, C.R.*, Dai, D., Pruden, A., and Edwards, M.A. Effect of Various Water Chemistry Factors on Legionella Proliferation and the Premise Plumbing Microbiome Composition. (2017). Microbiome (Special Issue on the Built Environment) 5: 130 doi:
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Year 2016

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Year 2015

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